Beer Judge School
Training to Pass the BJCP Exam
Need Help?
DVDs, reading, and self study can only get you so far.  Because judging is a human endeavor, at some point you need to interact with experienced judges to get feedback, calibrate your scoring, and otherwise learn some of the subtler details of the process.  Below you'll find information on contacting the people that brought you this site or taking a full course in person.

Contacting Us
If you want to get in contact with the BJCP judges that put this site together you can send email to David Teckam ( and Dave Louw (  Please feel free to contact us for any of the following reasons:
  • To get feedback on score sheets you have filled out (send us a PDF or Word version filled out)
  • To ask questions about the process of becoming a judge
  • To give us feedback on this site or the DVDs
  • Or anything else beer judging related

Live Courses
A great way to find a local course or study group is to start with the the list of scheduled exams on the BJCP website and email the contact listed for one near you.  They are often experienced judges that have scheduled courses you can attend.

The most recent live class wrapped up in the fall of 2009.  We will post more information about upcoming courses here but in the mean time you are always welcome to contact us about doing the course online.  Here's a link to the full syllabus.  Contact David Teckam ( if you are interested in signing up.

In the Future
In creating this project we have found there to be few resources on the internet for learning about becoming a beer judge.  Depending on the response we get to the videos and this site we may do things like add a forum to help get your questions answered.  For now, please just use the emails above and don't hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts with us so we can make this program even better.